I’m getting a job! (Maybe)

My owner has been making more of an attempt to go out with me on long walks when he can. I understand, he is old, but it’s OK, I love him anyways. However, he spoke with someone (so he says), and he wants me to have a job. However, in order for me to have a job, I have to have a couple of things done. Some of it, both I and my owner needs to work together on.

My owner says I can’t be so excited when I see someone that I associate as a good thing. I start rubbing my snout to try to get the head collar off, and this is for some reason a bad thing. I also have a problem with some other dogs. He said I need to eventually ignore them even though I want to teach them a lesson when they yap as if they are some big shot. There are other things that he needs to do, but these are the big things I need to focus on. He also would like that I do all of my defecation in the back yard. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go, right? No? OK. Continue reading

My New Life–Sometime Later

I went to my new owner back in October of last year, and from there – it has been a wonderful and positive experience with a couple of hurdles. When I was a puppy, I was chained to a back yard, and spent most of my time not knowing if I would have ate, or had clean water. I would be happy to say a much better life is with me now.

First, my pack mate Talisa is wonderful – although sometimes a little too hyper. She constantly wants to play, and I am not as active. I do play with her though, but not as much as she likes. When she is persistent, our owner corrects her. My owner gives me boundaries which is something I definitely needed. I still have some problems with manners, but we are working on that.

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New Tag to Come

I have an ID tag, but it is a little disorganized, and has a little discrepancies in it. My owner will be looking to replace mine, and my pack mate’s ID tags with something that is more accurate, and will be able to display appropriate information.

Both mine, and my pack mate’s will have a similar bit of information, but the front will be different based on things just about ourselves. My owner will want to make my front show as follows:

April 2011
Neutered Male
Pit Bull

WPHS is the Western PA Humane Society where I had my spaying, vaccinations, micro-chip, and will get my annual check up in July. The back of the tag will show the same thing as my Pack mate’s, but because I am special and you are looking at my site first, here it is:

Frank S. Pilone
+1 412 2532956
Troy Hill – 15212

My owner is expecting that I should get the new tag before May. This is when my pack mate’s  .TEL domain expires, and while I hadn’t been with him a year, a lot has changed – such as me being neutered, and having reliable records with a doggie doctor.


Update on My Life

Much has changed since I got to my new den. My pack mate Talisa is full of energy – much more than I have. Thankfully, my master – Frank is able to control the amount of play she wants to do.

I also been given a shot to help keep me healthy, it is called a vaccination, but I was asleep when they did that since I also had what is called a neutering. I am happy, and playful though – so that is what matters.

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While Talisa was Out

A couple of nights ago, my pack mate Talisa had to go somewhere. I was worried I wouldn’t see her again, but she returned, although not as playful. My master says it is because she had to do something that made her tired, and she will be fine soon.

However, my master helped keep my mind off of not having my pack mate. He rubbed me, played tug of war with me a few times, and took me out on an extra walk. And later in the day, he went and picked up my pack mate.

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One Week in My New Den

I had been in my new den for a week, and it is has so far been wonderful. I had a couple of urinations in my den, but with patience on my new master has meant none this particular week. I also been enjoying playing with Talisa, but she seems more rambunctious than I am. She can tire me out.

My master made sure I got everything I needed immediately. First, I got a leash that is similar to my pack mate. I also got a bone, and an ID tag. In addition, I got a dog license. All of this is a cost to my master, but he says it is well worth it.

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At My New Home

Today about noon, I have arrived at my new den where I got to have some play time with Talisa, and a couple of corrections from my master. I had been a little aggressive with my bone, and growled when my new pack mate came close. However, most of the time, she and I got along.

I also got a walk with my new master – two actually. One was short, while another one was longer. After my long walk, I got to eat 2 cups of dog food, and of course had some nice fresh very cold water. My new pack mate is always very excited. I am sure that the good qualities she has will show to me.

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A little unsure

I will soon have to move to my current master’s home. I will go when either I or Talisa goes through a special surgery. However, I am a little unsure as my current home is the first good home I had. I do love Talisa, but I am a little unsure of my future. My current den alpha assures me that Frank is a wonderful person, but it will take some time.

I might be seeing Talisa later today. My new master may take me for a walk which I am sure he will be patient with me. I hear there might be a surprise with me tomorrow. I will look forward to that.

One Step Closer

My new master has already accepted me. My pack mate loves me, and I love her. However the only thing holding me back from going to my new den is that my pack mate is a female doberman. She is sweet, and wonderful, but my master and my temporary den’s alpha says I can’t go there until one of us has a special surgery. We both need this special surgery, but one of us must have it for us to be together.

While my master hasn’t heard anything about me, he has heard something in regards to my pack mate. She will need to get shots to keep her healthy, and bad things from coming to her. Shortly after that, she will get the special surgery. Once she fully recovers, I will be able to go to my new den.  Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to my web site. My name is Malak, and will soon be adopted by Frank (my soon to be master). In anticipation of coming to him, there is a brand new web site for me (here), and there is a contact directory already for me. This means that everything is coming together for me to be to him.

The only thing holding back is the process of me getting neutered. Since my pack mate is female (who has yet to be spayed), it is good if one of us is taken care of before we can live together. I am looking forward to being Talisa’s pack mate. And I have been told I will have lots of exercise, affection, and discipline which is something every dog begs for.

There is cushion for me to sleep on which I could sleep next to my pack sister. Water bowls and a food bowl is already ready for me. The wonderful lady and her pack I am staying with now offered a leash. My new master will still have to get a dog license, ID tag, and bone. There will of course need to be pest control for me too. Everything will be taken care of in October.

I will miss my current family, but I will be able to visit them anytime possible. And I will see this as a new adventure that will last the rest of my life.

Malak - September 2011

A picture of Malak taken in September 2011